What is the Most Efficient Way to get a Bigger Penis: Taking Pills or Doing Exercises?

One thing should be taken for granted and there is no possible argument about it: any average man with an average sized penis, whether he admits it or not, is sure to give some consideration to the attractive idea of increasing his penis size, at one time or another. There is no reason to feel self-conscious about that because, obviously, a penis that is more impressive in length and girth would be an extra attraction to your love making partner; at the same time it will considerably boost the ego of any male person.

Here we come to a more difficult part of making the correct decision about which penis enlarging product to choose to try? Both penis enlarging pills and penis exercises are popular methods and have been reported to bring positive results. In this short article, we will have a close look at the subject by discussing possible pros and cons of each of those two penis enlarging methods. It should help you to make your own decision about which technique would be more preferable for you.

1) Jelqing Exercises for Penis Size and Girth Improvement

Penis enlarging exercises called Jelqing originate from the ancient Arabia, where they have been known for many centuries as a useful and widely spread penis enlargement practice for all male persons going to get married. The Jelqing technique may seem rather unusual for outsiders, since it is based on massaging of the penis. One massaging session usually takes as long as three quarters of an hour. But if you come to think that the technique is a kind of masturbation, bear in mind, it is NOT. This exercise is aimed more on application of a stretching force.

Pros : Jelqing penis enlarging technique has proved its efficiency and does bring positive results by increasing the length and girth of a penis. The only requirement is to do the exercises correctly. The principles of Jelqing are based on the same traction forces that are implemented in orthopedic surgery. In simple words, the penis is being pulled and stretched. And the good news is that the results are almost always permanent. The traction force stimulates the cell expansion in the penile tissues that leads to a bigger and meatier penis.

Cons : One should be very careful and considerate when practicing the Jelqing technique. Too much traction force can damage your penis tissues. Too much of a good thing can bring about the adverse results and this rule applies to penis enhancement exercises as well. Do not overindulge in stretching and pulling, this can result in damaged blood vessels around the penis and lead to erectional dysfunction. In most serious cases the inability to get an erection often results in necessity to abstain from sexual practices for several months.

2) Medication for Penis Enhancement (Pills)

The penis enhancement supplements in the form of pills have gained tremendous popularity among men recently, because they are so easy and convenient to administer. Just imagine, you are popping a few pills daily, wash them down with plenty of water, and that is it! What can be simpler? The composition of penis enhancement pills includes, as a rule, extracts of well-known natural botanical aphrodiacs and sexual energy stimulants. They are great for increasing a man's libido and give noticeable improvement to the erectile strength when in bed. The best brands are manufactured at the state-of-the-art medical laboratories, they are 100% free from possible adverse side effects and are sold with money back guarantees.

Pros : The ingredients of all-natural botanical penis enlarging pills, at least as far as the best quality brands are concerned, are manufactured from safe, side-effects free but powerful male aphrodisiacs that have been proven by centuries. These herbal extracts are capable to significantly increase the flow of blood to the penis tissues that are called corpus cavernosa, making the penis look bigger in length and girth in erected state. The components of food quality penis enhancement pills also beneficially influence the volumes of man's semen and sperm production, improve the quality of the sperm and improve the hardness and staying power of the erected penis.

Cons : One should exercise caution when purchasing penis enhancement pills, since in some of them banned or dangerous substances could be included. That means some thoughtful research into the matter will never hurt. And the truth is that all-natural enhancement pills will never work for you if you are if your quest is for a permanent increase in penis length and girth. In this case do not go into pills to avoid disappointment. Why is it so? The problem here is that penis enlarging pills are not meant for permanent penis enlargement. They succeed perfectly in temporary increase of penis during erection thanks to increasing blood flow to the penis tissues that are responsible for size and quality of erections, but not they are useless for permanent size growth in the long run.

So, here is the conclusion for a short overview of the pros and cons of using penis pills as compared with penis exercises:

If you are really looking for the fastest and most efficient way to achieve penis permanent size and girth growth, you should obviously combine the benefits of both methods. Administer penis enlarging pills and start a program of Jelqing exercise routine. In this way you will achieve a permanently increased penis with improved, harder erections. The testimonials of the beneficial results obtained this way are in plenty.