Ways Of Strengthening Your Vaginal Muscles

If you want to have stronger, healthier and tighter vaginal muscles you should consider three major solutions to make this wish come true. The first one is using topical creams tightening the muscle tissues. The second solution is actual strengthening of the muscles with special weighted devices which make Kegel exercises more efficient. The third solution concerns the usage of Ben Wa-style balls.

Topical Muscle Tightening Creams

Topical Muscle Tightening Creams are also known as "shrink creams" or 'ancient Chinese secrets'. They have existed always beginning from the most ancient times. As it can be understood from the name of this cream its main task is to make the surface of the vaginal muscles contract and tighten. Probably, each woman would like to try something of the kind, but it will take a significant amount of time to find the appropriate one. So, before purchasing this cream check all possible reviews in different resources and only then make the final decision. You should be aware that these tightening creams are just a temporary way to tighten your vaginal muscles. In order to get more permanent results, it's necessary to lift some weights of different shapes and sizes!

Kegel Exercisers

Kegel exercisers are able to strengthen vaginal muscles working with a sequence of tightening, holding and releasing. These movements should be repeated for many times then. These exercises are rather easy to do, nevertheless, the received results greatly depend on the effort a woman puts in as well as regularity and number of exercises. The statistical data prove that Kegel exercisers work well. Besides, they make other exercises more effective.

Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa Balls have been existing for many centuries already. They belong to the most ancient Chinese secrets and their major advantage consists in the fact that in order to tighten your vaginal muscles you'll need to hold them in place in order to hold the balls. As you can see, such exercises are very much alike Kegel exercises, but doing them you can't relax even for a moment, otherwise the balls will simply fall out of you. Ben Wa Balls are available in different sizes and materials including metal, glass, or plastic.

There're Ben Wa balls with smaller balls or beads inside them. They give a vibrating feeling that a woman starts thinking it may hit. According to numerous reviews, very few women really appreciate this feature, while others don't think it's effective. These small balls shouldn't be the main reason why you choose Ben Wa balls but they can be a good bonus.

However, be cautious of the 'vibrating' Ben wa balls as the smaller beads inside can be made of two halves united together creating one ball. Cheap models can be assembled in a wrong way, so that these balls can come apart at some moment or even break.

Duotone Balls

Duotone Balls are larger and come in pairs. They are a bit spongy on the outside but have a rather firm core. They also need you to hold them in place inside. Besides, due to their bigger size they give more filling offering a good massaging effect while you move them.

Finally, 'Orgasm Balls' will offer you the muscle-tightening effect and more powerful feelings that can even cause orgasm. So, enjoy their advantages!